Robotic Morphic Resonance

Fiddles praising distorted time
gorgeously defunct rosebud hangars
rerun gold dyes split horses racing down
the line Atlas potlicking mirrors
tangibly vicious with a deficient temper
without memory- all existential strategies
need teaspoons of laughter- listless

Odds and ends telephonic primate
dispensation whores, computers
and predilections. Machineminds
distribute institutionalized morale

a multiprogram simulation
a brainwashing pedagogy

an unkind bet in a mummified
taxicab driven by a bovine apologist
a Galilean haunter, and the streets
a bivariate asinine anarchism. Above
flagrantly doped oblique stars
grappling for streaks and train valves
a lowland click was heard amongst
the pines like a department store
boutique holding a sweepstakes
no one ever wants to win.

Later a sorcerer’s blackened caution
mixes with the sterling nymphomaniac
knife swank
reclassification dots
ravenous replies
disposed bungling
sterile perspectives.

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