Trading Zeros in The Dark

End of the day glass is what is made
From all the leftovers
Of a day of glass
Blowing- it usually takes the form
Of a swan, and these were usually
Given away at gas stations in the
Sixties- the old man at the antique junk
Shop taught me all this when I stopped in
To buy you an abstract piece
Of end of the day glass.

I cannot help but think of the old
Buddhist saying- If you meet the
Buddha on the road kill him- and
Not that I still have an idea what it really all means.

Talking of the living heart of God,
And an unread book of carols of love
Sitting somewhere not being read by me-
John chapter one is also mentioned as
The conversation turns to pens, and
Again we are trading zeros in the
Dark- magical partings of trees
In the woods so that the train
Can be seen. Crosses hanging
Around necks, floating in space
Emblazoned with different symbols
Of their time on a sphere spinning
Disco round celestial dancing waves
As Vishnu sleeps- inhaling the last of
Spring from red mum blossoms blooming.

Always trying to figure out a simile involving
Grave danger and love.

Meditation waves
Hammocks swaying
Still we are trading zeros
In the dark with

The Guzo doctor
Reggae playing-
What a doctor
Guzo doctor.

Dancing and drinking
Nothing is really happening
Salty Baltimore beer with
Croaton on the wall in a
Restroom next to a wooden Indian.

Spatial voids
Closet doors
Closed to avoid-
Agoraphobia, and

Talk of black widow spider
Death matches
Tiny little pathetic kicks
And with that conversation the night really
Closed out.

Talk of solution based selling
Consistency being the key
And the salesman as a silent killer

Silver polishing
Knife sharpening
Chinese balls
Rolling around
In my brother’s
Hands clanging
Bell hand claps


In the rain-

Peeling off
In the orange glow
Of the ceilingfan

Love card making
Adding words
To pictures-
Moon phases.

Talk of directions,
Astronomy, and tides as
I hold your right hand heart
Beating alive.

Screaming eagle bear

Talk of baking scones
Punctuating with cigarettes
Burning in the night
Moon stuck on your leg
Moonshadow hearthappy.


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