The Train Sits in the Station

Time stuck in his
these things never

Expedition and
the abduction of
they would appear
to be enemies,
that that crown
was the same
crown and always

a river- a creature
of Apollo one can
gather from is that
they were new gods now
that men realized
with perfection-
the way he or she
asked “is a woman
a woman?”

No more monster
business the other
deceptions in her
life left in her
sinewy hands.

Erotic aura
Athena came back
to Hephaestus
to him
into the sea
on waking
she saw no

The train arrives
to the silent
of clocks.

-written for dVerse Poets Pub


10 thoughts on “The Train Sits in the Station

  1. fascinating story…love that close…the laughter of clocks…it echoes back nicely to time getting stuck in his throat…the whole new gods section and the way we question…like that bit much…

  2. that crown
    was the same
    crown and always


    “is a woman
    a woman?”

    Very interesting effects you have created in here. I loved your poem. Thanks for joining my prompt.

  3. A lot of mythical inspiration here – Medea (a terribly sad, sinister myth) and is that river nymph Daphne – very powerful lines about men forcing women into the image they have of them.

  4. Yes.. i agree that the Greek GODs are simply models for assessed human perfection..for humanity..really not that much different than the Diagnostic Manual of Mental illness.. just that Greek GODS tell ya.. what works instead of what doesn’t work…

    Good to have a manual or symbol for what works..
    better not to be left in the cold..

    without a guide
    of life
    all..;) Emotions can be the most of complex things..
    Ya almost need GODS to TRULY understand emotions at times..
    And sometimes GODS truly do the TRICK..

    OR TREAT..(halloween approaching and all of that)
    but as usual.. i digress..;)

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