Suddenly Dawn Came

A broken silence
between the sounds
in the softspeaking
bubbling water that
I heard in the darkness
lapping magically
in the night.

She culled the silence
between us with a delicate
grace and slightly
nervous fingers.

With a simple and unspoken
joy she smiled at me
even as celestial motors
gnawed away at the foam
and spray upon the shore.

Animal sounds suddenly
arose from a chill morning
fog- two starshine bodies-
as the sun slowly turned
the sky to orange.

Written for dVerse prompt- “Poetics: In The Corner of Your Eye”


11 thoughts on “Suddenly Dawn Came

  1. love the little intimacy…with the night and between the two…the beach is a wonderful place as well…matching the rhythm of the waves…would be lovely to wake up on the beach together with the one you love….

  2. i’ve been to that place where sound of animals on gulf beach ring true in twilight awakening of human sleep.. we are never alone.. on the beach of life.. how covers of prison that truth…

    The truth is on that beach.. in the shores of sands of tingling feet.. and diatoms of light.. in the waves brushing shore.. do light the way to the magicK.. of firefly love…

    Ah.. Memories of awakening to this truth in love.. your words do bring.. in my movie making memory.. it is as yesterday now…

    And to live there again.. i thought impossible at one time then…

    but now.. i know… that is just illusion then.. as now is then…

    before.. once again.. free in mind and spirit..

    as time..

    is only illusion.. with distance.. illusion too.. as we are who we are at core…

    if we only see it..
    without the hands of time.. in cultural illusion…

    so yeah.. i go to the beach again.. all the time.. in mind alive again..NOw with spirit true.. that grows tired at times.. but never old……NOW..again. 🙂

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