Ephemeral Pyramids

Temporal mirrors
Full of rusty murmurs
And futility
Clever smoke intoxication
Keeps you going
Deeper penetration
Curtain spark flesh
Nimble moons in darkness
Clear wonderful
Arouses wholeness
Falling flute breath
Doubt flowers pure
Restlessness caresses
Delicate proportions
Alive stranger ecstasy
Costume shackles
Thoughts swim
Rushing tongues
Fatigue thirst
Weep breath
The electric dreamer
Disappears wrapped
In bottomless hunger
Electric surprises
Enmeshed sheltered
Moods invent
Witchcraft out of
Transparent joy
As tragic
Fairtytale lies
Dissolve the
Blinding leaf

Written for dVerse Verbal Cubism prompt.


13 thoughts on “Ephemeral Pyramids

  1. “First” perhaps? Nicely done, Matt, a whirling series of lines that sparkle like sequins thrown up into the wind, that may, or may not land in a recognizable pattern; liked the lines
    /clear wonderful/introspection/arouses wholeness/.

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