Your Own Path as You Please

easily enough.
Blue glow currents
worship boredom
the only sacrifice.

I cannot live the
life planned for
another soul.

Yet, he flies!

One of the coats
he wore was the
equal of mine.

Wedges for splitting
and shattering are
often used,
nine feet long all.

Propose to call it
an introduction
to zen- a robe
and a bowl on
a rock by the
path. Thus we
learn we live
in all beings
at once

Some things
are known to all
who are in fashion.

Other things are
known by those
who still work
in bowling alleys
as hamburger
waitresses and
beer busters.

You hate it, and
it hates you- off
a farm nigh
Undamaged left
hand and his
prosthetic right
hand holding the
answer to
question about
the higher
extinction of

Letters with spirit-
established in
the mind not
the body.

Letters without
spirit- established
in the body not
the mind.

I still have much
to say about
events that
burden the

Written for dVerse.


9 thoughts on “Your Own Path as You Please

  1. some real zingers in this one….ha…i cant life thelife planned for another soul….we learn we live in all things at once….nice…and i imagine we could talk quite a while on those burdens…

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