It Has Become Frequent

It has become frequent
it always was.
They live in an old
house in the

He has recently
began to dream.
Her wailing has gotten
louder in response.
That’s the feeling he has

Her clumsiness and
headaches becoming
more severe.
Smiling, he looks up
at the scattered
clouds like smoke
moving away.

“Devour the blue sky,” she
whispers across cracked lips
into his ear.

Will he hear?


8 thoughts on “It Has Become Frequent

  1. This hits like a sucker punch to the zyphoid process, knocking the air out of me, kicking the complacency across the room; caregiver blues love song, heart breaking ballad; Christ, it would make a stone weep, turn an iceberg into mist; I loved it even as it sank its poetic fangs into the soft flesh of my neck; wow, shit, wow.

  2. what an interesting relationship between them…makes me wonder about her a bit and what it is that makes her wail…especially all the more now that he is dreaming…her shisper to him is intriguing…is it setting him free?

  3. Probably one of your best, Matt; wish I had written it for the sheer emotional scope of it, but secretly pleased that this tragedy was not mine to share; except through you.

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