Fair Heading

Opposite directions
reveal that I could
no longer be
counted on.

One will not
speak them.

I speak to myself as
I did earlier. I
like to speak about
things I have been
haunted by some
utterly irrational
verses. I try to
reconstruct them
even now with the
aid of simple rhymes
of glory
remembered as faint
in and of my

Perhaps one day
these verses will
enlighten me about
what these verses
have to do with:
the color
of the

Written for dVerse Meeting the Bar- Fair.


19 thoughts on “Fair Heading

  1. Well… i was never a writer..but here and there.. and certainly never poet at all.. but with poetic expression.. coming up on a couple of years..

    i truly find my soul too..

    i guess i just had to see it first…

    to believe IT..:)

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