Giving Shadows & Light Substance

The shadows gained headway-
in one hour they had
obliterated his feelings for her-
violent kisses
in the woods, again and again,
in his mind. He knows that he
can’t win, and that it will never

The noose was put around
his neck, so it would go
with him wherever he might go.

The laughter in the shadows
he knows may signify anything.
Cutting himself off
from his old ways of thought,
all existing machines,
and techniques- and that girl
from his story- now 88,560
miles away in his lifetime.

We are all moving- this he knows
as the substance forms-
visualized as an outpouring
of liquid gold- and certain
sensory qualities of the brain
are under his direct control

The golden glow does not spur
him to any unusual activity-
he is just unruffled slightly.
He had no use for a doctor-
a bottle of whiskey,
a glass,
a soda siphon-
that is all he needs
to crucify his mind.

Standing in front of
glass cases
containing his past.
He is alone
in the dark room
with its clusters
of red light- now
taken from
his brain too
high to explain
anything- he marks
the cardinal points
on the floor-
eyes blazing light-
and he is gone from the
here and now.

Written for dVerse– a poem about a photographer.


18 thoughts on “Giving Shadows & Light Substance

  1. Reminds me of my experiences some 35 years ago.. with friends drinking and the way the mind works with lost love in those emotional moments unrepressed by the power of drink…

    And for me at least it can be hard to put into words.. all of what is felt.. and i guess it’s not meant to impossible as only the experience truly reins.. in memories dwelling that rise again.. to live…..

  2. “a bottle of whiskey,
    a glass,
    a soda siphon-
    that is all he needs
    to crucify his mind.”

    A sad commentary, Matt. Nicely penned (although these days “typed” is probably more true but doesn’t sound right.)


  3. A dark construct, as we witness the depth of emotion necessary to express art become intense, obsessive, all-consuming, like Van Gogh & his madness, & yet as Zorba says, “we all need a little madness, in order to let go the rope & be free”.

  4. It’s amazing how the shadows can obliterate the feelings….I totally see it how it feels for artistic taste especially….and then to have a brain ‘under control’ – good things , when obsessions takes power…so the glass of whiskey I see as temporary measure – hope ‘he’ will keep the balance x

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