Poem # 0

You say to me, that the
righteous are nigh
completely insane
and that you’ve
simply stopped

“What little trust I had
for God’s payment has
vanished like dew in
the rain.”

You feared that it might
not happen with images
burning like neon tubes
behind your eyes. You
climbed aboard the ship
just as the wind died
and its sails fell
to the deck.

I took a long cool drink
from the sea and stared
at someone off in the
distance as if they were
on TV. He scrambled
for change in his pocket,
found it, but then a young
woman took him by the
arm, leading him off to
golden old age.

And when is it over?

Facing the world before me.
A world that like you no
longer believes. I feel banished,
forsaken, and decide to go
dance in the seaweed for

Just awhile, and then I
will move on.


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