Aquarium Days

All the days of
all the world
have been
written down
and captured.

The finite
coldwater of
stormy weather,
thunder claps, and
lightning strikes.
There is no shelter
from the rain
falling down.

They are stored
outside the brain
on a shelf
beside the cows,
chocolate and

The infinite
tropical spring
of stereo flowers
blooming in
whispers across
the soul in sweet

They are like
viewed from a
lonely hill in
Troy- already
fading into

The transient
marine days
of pelagic
gently flowing by.
Caressing the
seaweed hair of
selkies surrounded
by flotsam and jetsam.

Each and every
day stored
under glass like
fish in captivity.

They begin with
the rising of the
sun, and after
a brief color
show fade
away into


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