Vigilante in Love Blues

Walking off into the
night leaving
a half eaten sandwich
on the yellow vinyl
coverlet sitting on
the diner counter.

They always use such
beautiful weapons in
the finale of the
old films.

No such requirements
of the trade for the
avant-garde pretenders
trying to make
new films.

Gone were the nights
of black and white
now everything
was technicolor.

on his chest, even more
shockingly blood spots
were forming. Blossoms
on his symbol.

A man and a woman
were approaching
in the distance.

The real question
was the woman due
to die this time?

It began there
all those nights
ago. Lights under
his boots broken.

Ears bleeding as
he brought his arms
up and threw his
body hurtling
through the

But every time
she dies in his
arms. He just
can’t break free

still immersed in
trying to conjure
up fantasies of
that would
put off
the chill of

The black shadows
are always blue
in his mind, and
he knows one
day he’ll
be free
of this
his dark world
with her again
sailing off to
light everywhere.

Eternal dreams-
away from all
of this- forever
is not finite.


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